Fan Slaps Prabhas With Love At Airport

Prabhas is one of the star heroes of the Telugu film industry who enjoys a great fan base. Not just male fans, Prabhas also got a big female fan base. Whenever Prabhas is spotted in public places, it is the girls who jump in joy more than boys.

Prabhas Fan Slap
Prabhas Fan Slap

A recent fan encounter for Prabhas at an Airport in foreign is currently trending viral on social media.

A fan spotted Prabhas at the airport and jumped in happiness. She asked him for a picture to which Prabhas obliged. All the while, she could not believe that it was happening for real. To make sure that it is real, she gave a soft slap to Prabhas which surprised the actor.

The actor could not do anything except to enjoy the madness of the fan and her love towards him.

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