Does Bahubali Trailer Meet Audience’s Expectations?

The most awaited trailer of the past May was of the movie Bahubali. With high hopes set on the movie because of its grand scaled production, the response given to the trailer is one method to predict the response for the movie as well. And, the response for the video over night on the 1st of June has been terrific with almost 10 lakh views.

Baahubali Movie Trailer Review
Baahubali Movie Trailer Review

The trailer is full of mastered cinematography with picturesque locations and a colossal kingdom yet to be discovered. From the trailer, it seems that a boy (Prabhas) who is forbidden to climb the mountains later goes on to climb them in his youth and discovers the kingdom. Up until then, the trailer is serene to look at and the music background takes us completely into this dreamy land. However, soon the pace of the trailer changes with the hero (Prabhas) being beaten, glimpses of slavery, and the entry of the villain (Rana).

Plus Points:

1. The trailer hits the right notes in terms of glamour portrayed by Tammanah. At the same time, the suspense of Anushka in chains at the beginning raises curiosity.

2. The background music sounds different and much experimented with.

3. The visuals are grand and the VFX work is commendable.

4. Fierce Rana steals the screen with his look.

Rana Daggubati in Bahubali
Rana Daggubati in Bahubali

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Minus Points:

1. Not everyone likes a serious movie about wars and battles for a throne. This movie could probably be devoid of comedy.

2. The trailer also reveals a bit too much of the plot-line if we are guessing right. Prabhas is the long lost son of “Amarendra Baahubali” and he is here to fight against the cruel villain who is the king. (We are guessing!)

3. The animations might not be up to the mark from what we saw of the running bull in the trailer for two seconds which did not look real.

Baahubali Bull Scene
Baahubali Bull Scene

4. Even though Prabhas is satisfactory in his performance, he could be overshadowed by Rana.

After the pros and cons have been weighed, Baahubali is regardless the most exciting film of 2015 for Tollywood industry and hope that S.S. Rajamouli gets another hit like Eega. Not only is Tollywood excited about Baahubali but even Bollywood celebrities like Karan Johar are eager! This movie is all set to release on July 10th.

So, do you think the Baahubali trailer has lived up-to your expectations or not?

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