Dishoom Movie Review – Almost Dooms

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Rohit Dhawan, who directed Desi Boyz is all set to (or seemed to) start a Dhoom-like franchise with his second film Dishoom. From the trailers and teasers, Dishoom comes off as an action thriller with some comedy coming out of the bromance, and of course some oomph from the ladies in the outdoor locales.

The movie is majorly set in Abu Dhabi. An important Indian cricketer Viraj (Saqib Saeem) is kidnapped just before two days of a match with Pakistan. A menacing bookie is behind this and he is Akshaye Khanna as Wagah. This fact is revealed to the audience much in advance, but the movie is about two cops searching for him. Kabir is a cop from the special task force played by John Abraham. The middle-eastern cop who joins him is played by Varun Dhawan and his name is Junaid. There are some twists, there are some jokes, there are some thrill, good or bad, but they are all there.

A still from Dishoom
A still from Dishoom

The movie does decently well in the first one hour and the journey is not so smooth from then. The film’s consistency didn’t remain throughout. The movie has lots of predictable moments. The movie might appear slick and stylish at a higher level, but it is actually a 90’s action flick wrapped under gloss and glamour.

One of the positive points of the film are the bromance between Varun Dhawan and John Abraham. Rohit has a special love for bromance, as we would see that in Desi Boyz too.They entertain together for most of the scenes. But at the same time, Varun seemed to be choosing stereotyped roles as the funny, younger brother types despite picking wonderful movies like Badlapur. He was just a better Uday Chopra. John on the other side, gets his look right, but the scenes which try to boast of attitude comes from smoking is ridiculous and senseless. Jacqueline’s role is interesting only pretentiously. There is no logic to how she has the information and access to people and things in the film. Nargis seemed to have been roped in purely for the oomph factor and she did what she could do the best, walk sizzling in her two piece.

Another positive point of the film is its music score by Pritam. Rohit seems to have a good taste and that’s very apparent in the tracks of the film. Jaaneman Aah and Sau Tarah Ke are chartbusters and bring a boost to the film.

The biggest drawbacks of the film are its predictability, lesser screen time and hardly interesting role for the baddie Akshaye Khanna. Wish, Rohit had worked on more to make it more unpredictable and meatier roles for those who deserved.

Overall, the movie is an average flick which is only pretentiously good.

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