Director Vikram Kumar is Proud of Mahanati

Director Vikram Kumar who came into the limelight with the movies Ishq, 24, Manam and Hello is very impressed with the latest biopic Mahanati. Directed by Nag Aswin, Mahanti has been receiving praises ever since it hit the theaters.

Vikram Kumar About Mahanati
Vikram Kumar About Mahanati

Being it the adaptation of the legendary actress Savitri’s life story, Mahanati stars Keerthy Suresh, Dulquer Salman as the main leads. Vikram Kumar the director seems to be very impressed after watching this epic biopic. Vikram took his Twitter to express his views on Mahanati.

“Mahanati- Easily one of the best Telugu movies I’ve seen. Every frame reveals the love that had gone into making this wonderful piece. Nag Ashwin, you deserve every bit of the praise you’re getting, and more. No biopic is easy to make, but to make us laugh, cry and shed happy tears is no mean feat. The entire cast and crew have poured their soul onto the screen, and it shows, especially in Keerthy’s amazing transformation into Savitri Gaaru. Telugu cinema herself has taken a massive step forward. So proud”, Vikram wrote.

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