Dev Movie Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Movie Name Dev
Movie Rating 1.5/5
Movie Cast Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh
Director Rajath Ravishankar
Music Director Harris Jayaraj
Production Company S. Lakshman Kumar
Release Date February 14, 2019

It is very hard for an actor to establish himself as a bankable star. It takes a lot of effort and excellent choices and the fear of losing that bankability is just one bad choice away. It really is very hard to differentiate between a good and a bad choice. Karthi is an actor who hails from Sivakumar’s family as Suriya established himself as one such a bankable actor. He had his share of the market in both Tamil and Telugu from the beginning of his career because of the content he chose. Off late, he is choosing good films having both uniqueness and commercial viability. He is now coming up with “Dev”, an adventurous action entertainer (as the team projected) in the direction of Rajath Ravishankar, co-starring Rakul Preet Singh, and produced by Prince Pictures. Let’s see how it works on us as it is released into theatres today.


Dev Telugu Movie Photo
Dev Telugu Movie Photo

Dev Ramalingam (Karthi) is a guy who likes to be different from others and takes up different professions to fulfil his dreams. He loves travelling and he always wanted to have an adventurous life. He accidentally comes across Meghna Padmaavati (Rakul Preet Singh) in Facebook and sends her a friend request. She ignores him as every other guy and Dev starts disturbing her by showing up himself at every place she goes. She gets vexed with his stalking and confronts him on that. After a certain point of time and a lot of deliberation, she agrees to befriend him. She tests him at every stage. How they both fall in love with each other?

Cast and performance

Karthi is good in his role. He tried to make Dev, a strong character though it is poorly written. Rakul Preet Singh is okay and she always carries her aura with a lot of attitude. Prakash Raj is fine in a tiny role but his dubbing is too bad. Ramya Krishna is okay as her character doesn’t even try to make use of her acting potent. Actors who played as sidekicks of Dev aka Karthi is fine. All other actors are okay in their small roles.

Writing Department

A Still From Dev
A Still From Dev

There is nothing in the movie as a story and screenplay is a big disappointment from the word go. The dialogues are too dramatic to utter.

Technical Departments

Harish Jayaraj is the music director of this movie and he has done an okay job in composing songs. None of the songs could be remembered after the movie. He did try to give superb background score but it becomes too bad with the proceedings. The cinematography is good. Editing by Ruben could have been a lot better. Production values are grand.




Story, Screenplay

Too much drama


Dev is a story of a guy who is adventurous at heart and kind by nature who comes across a girl with a lot of hate and doubt on men and who is always in the race of her business. The movie has a very disappointing screenplay from the very first scene. There is not even a single sequence in the movie that surprises or thrills or induces emotions to the audience except irritation. On top of that, Harish Jayaraj’s thumping and heroic or too melancholic background score which doesn’t care about the happening sequence or proceedings. An only male friend of Dev, who becomes a stand-up comedian with the motivation of Dev irritates in his sequences as writing is bad. Writer and director Rajath has chosen to tell a story maybe with an aim to motivate youth but fails with his poor screenplay which at times feel like an old movie. To sum up, Dev is not as adventurous or entertaining as we expect or as a movie should be.

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