Clashes in Vijay’s family again

Kannada hero Duniya Vijay again made it into the news because of his family issues. A high drama took place on Sunday near the house of his first wife Nagarathna. On September 23rd, Vijay’s wife Keerthi Gowda released the video of Nagarathna attacking them.

Duniya Vijay Arrested
Duniya Vijay Arrested

The Girinagara police got alert and filed a case on Nagaratna and Monika. The investigation is currently going on. But Nagarathna and Monika didn’t open their doors for the police. From the window, Monika stated that her mother is not in the house. The police waited for Nagarathna till afternoon and left. Meanwhile, Nagarathna’s lawyer went directly to the station on Sunday and stated that Nagarathna hasn’t attacked them with any weapons and asked the police to give station bail for her. The police arrested Monika. Both with Duniya Vijay and his second wife Keerthi Gowda went to the police station and Vijay cried to see his daughter in the police station. Vijay’s lawyer Sivakumar stated that it is not right to punish the daughter for her mother’s deeds and Nagarathna is not even caring about the career of her kids.

Duniya Vijay also stated that his wife is using her kids to cover up her mistakes and said that she should at least realise now and come out in front of the police. Duniya Vijay is extremely worried about his daughter and stated that it is not right for his 18-year-old daughter to stay in the police station environment.

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