Charmi Kaur Hides Face To Roam In Hyderabad

Charmi Kaur is a star actress in the film industry who has teamed up with many heroes in the past. She is now into production and has been associating with Puri Jagannath in making new movies. Right now, she is working on the project called Mehbooba that introduces Puri Jagannath’s son Akash as a hero.

Charmi in Hyderabad
Charmi in Hyderabad

The actress always wanted to roam in the streets of Hyderabad during the night time on a bike, but due to her popularity she could not be able to do that. But finally, she has made up her mind and roamed on the streets of Hyderabad. She has covered her face with a scarf and roamed on the bike with the help of Mehbooba film’s coordinator Sridhar.

When the actress halted at a food joint she finally posted a couple of pictures of the bike ride.

The shooting of Mehbooba is happening right now in Hyderabad.

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