C/o Kancharapalem Review

Rating: 4/5

Critic Rating: (4/5)

Movie Name C/o Kancharapalem
Movie Rating 4/5
Movie Cast  Kancharapalem People
Director Maha Venkatesh
Music Director Sweekar Agasthi
Production Company Rana Daggubati, Praveena Paruchuri
Release Date September 7, 2018

Venkatesh Maha is the new director who is making his directional debut with the film C/O Kancharapalem. Famous Production house Suresh Productions banner is backing the project while Rana Daggubati is proudly presenting the movie. Sweekar Agasthi is the music director of the film that introduces a lot of newcomers in the lead roles. Subba Rao, Radha Bense, Keshav K, Nithya Sri, Praveena, and others played the lead roles. Praveena Paruchuri is the producer of the movie. The film is carrying a positive buzz now. Check out the film’s review here.


Care Of Kancharapalem Review
Care Of Kancharapalem Review

The film’s story is set in Kancharapalem area near Vizag. The film tells the story of Raju, a middle-aged man who is unmarried. The film also tells the story of kids Sunitha and Sundaram who studies in a school in that area. The movie also narrates the love tales of Joseph-Bhargavi and Gaddam-Saleema. The film is all about how all the characters in the movie overcame the struggles in their love life.


The story is a major highlight of the movie. The backdrop is also a plus point for the movie. While watching the film, all of us get deeply involved in the story-telling and feel the genuineness of the characters. The director Venkatesh Maha handled all the stories very well in the film. The naturality in the movie is a significant asset for the movie, and the way the film’s flow was designed is fantastic. There is everything about life at this cinema. There is love, hatred, struggle, survival, and all the other elements. Many sensitive issues were also dealt with a sensible and matured manner.

Care Of Kancharapalem Crew
Care Of Kancharapalem Crew

The way Venkatesh Maha included the stories in the screenplay is exciting too. Every actor gave their best for the movie regarding the performances. A total of 8 to 9 characters play the leads in the movie where all the actors have put a performance that will stay with us for a long time. The film also deals with the topic of Love at different phases in our life. The curiosity towards the climax that the director maintained is impressive too.

The major minus point of the film is the beginning of the movie. It is very slow and the first twenty minutes is spent on detailing and the introduction of characters and hence we feel it as slow but it helped the movie. As a writer, Venkatesh Maha did a complete justice for the film by writing impressive roles and characterizations. The music is the most significant advantage of the movie and it has a unique style of presenting the story. The background score has come out well too. The cinematography of the film is neat and decent. The production values are incredible with an attractive production design.

It’s good to see Rana Daggubati presenting this beautiful film, and the movie has got the emotions in the right proportion. For sure, the audiences will find a connection with the movie and can feel for the characters. The film is a commercial movie, but there are no regular commercial elements. On the whole, the film is undoubtedly a different attempt in Telugu film industry that would open new doors for the modern age filmmakers to experiment. Don’t miss the movie.

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