C Kalyan Counters To Natti Kumar

The war of words between producers Natti Kumar and C Kalyan is not new for the film industry. We have been seeing it from years and the latest is that we have come across the same recently again. Natti Kumar recently held a press meet and had come down heavily by claiming that Nayeem’s people have guarded his disputed land in Madhapur area of Hyderabad. He also targeted C Kalyan and few other producers from Producer’s council and made some comments on them. C Kalyan has given an answer for him in a counter reaction.

c klayan vs Natti kumar
c klayan vs Natti kumar

C Kalyan reacted to Natti Kumar comments and said that there are many people whose lives were affected by Natti Kumar. Kalyan also said that Natti Kumar blackmailed many of his heroines regarding blue films. Kalyan also commented on Natti Kumar’s family. Kalyan said that Natti’s son kept his Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu movie online. He also added that his family used to get money in the name of funds as Christain missionary works.

Kalyan also said that those who have connections with Nayeem will be surely punished. Now, it’s time for Natti to react again on the issue.

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