Producer’s Fight at FNCC?

Film Nagar Cultural Center is one place in Hyderabad where the personalities from the film industry hangout with their colleagues. This cultural center is a place with a lot of sophisticated amenities such as a swimming pool, open screen for movies, indoor games etc, Often times, the people celebrate their birthdays here too. Many producers in the industry spend their free time, playing cards at FNCC.

Producer Fight
Producer Fight

We have come to know that popular producer C Kalyan who bankrolled Balakrishna’s ‘Jai Simha’, and Sai Dharam Tej’s ‘Inttelligent’ movies is a regular visitor to FNCC who relax there with his friends. Apparently, on 10th of this month, he was there along with friends but something unexpected happened.

Apparently, Kalyan engaged in a fight with a person named Vijaya Reddy. While playing cards, there arised a difference of opinion which further turned into a fight where they verbally abused each other. Later, FNCC issued a suspension on both of them.

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