Bujji Balayya’s Selfie with an anchor!

“Okadu naaku edurochinaa vadike risk, nenokadiki eduru vellina vadike risk”, said Balayya in his hit movie Legend. Everyone would think that he is a serious person but, in reality, he is completely the antonym of seriousness. In person, Balakrishna is an extremely jovial person who likes to fool around on sets and have a good laugh.

Balakrishna and Prashanti
Balakrishna and Prashanti

So, when anchor Prashanti approached him for a selfie at the Lion’s success party, she definitely did not have any risks from this legend. Instead, they both posed for a couple of selfies together with the famous “tongue-out selfie” included! Not only did Prashanti anchor for Lion, she acted in the movie for a minute in a minor role AND ended up with a picture with Balayya!

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