Bruce Lee First Week Collections: A Flop Show

Ram Charan’s recently released Bruce Lee movie turned average at box-office and here is the first week collections.

Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s latest flick “Bruce Lee” is going that good as expected at the begging of its release. This Sreenu Vaitla directorial family entertainer could entertain even a specific class and gained a mixed talk on the very first day.

Bruce Lee-The Fighter
Bruce Lee-The Fighter

Bruce Lee, which got released on 16th of October, was produced by  D.V.V.Dannya. This film was made on a huge budget of 50 crores that includes foreign locations, rich settings and many more money consumers.

Though the amount of money spent wasn’t a big issue to the producer or Director as they planned on putting in Chiranjeevi in a cameo and were successfully in roping them.

With Chiranjeevi, agreeing to an action scene, distributors and buyers were confident that the film will turn out to be a fortune turner for them. As expected, the Chiranjeevi impact fetched more money, not to the buyers but for the producer. The producer sold this film for a bench profit and left the burden for the buyers.

Since, the film was shot on the regular format of commercial cinema, the audience didn’t take it well. The story, screenplay and direction of Sreenu Vaitla are very same to his previous films. Many unnecessary characters did lack the film’s main content and left it in deep losses.

According to sources, the film’s weekend revenue stood at 27 crore’s and had managed only seven crores the next four days despite the festival season.

Trade Pundits say that “Bruce Lee” has to collect nothing less than 56 crores to be in a safe zone. In the present situation, it looks like an impossible number to achieve.

Since “Rudhramadevi” having a soft corner and “Kanche” earning a talk of a nice film, “Bruce Lee” has to swim against strong tides.

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