Bigg Boss Nuthn Naidu Appeal To Viewers

Nuthn Naidu is the Bigg Boss contestant who took the exit door in the second week. He entertained everyone in the last days and impressed one and all with his presence. Now, he is hoping for a second chance for a survival in the house through votings.

Bigg Boss Nutan Naidu
Bigg Boss Nutan Naidu

“I heartily thank you for making Nutan Naidu as Bigg Boss Nutan Naidu. With all your love and affection, I stayed in the Bigg Boss house for two weeks. I can never forget your reception when I was in the house and after coming out as well. Now, Bigg Boss which gave me so much recognition is giving me another chance. Bigg Boss is planning to bring a contestant that got eliminated back into the house. Based on your votings, I or Shyamala or Bhanu can get the opportunity to enter the house again.

As I got evicted in the second week itself, I did not find a chance to entertain you guys or explore myself more. If I get another chance, then I am looking forward to using my abilities. For that, I need your blessings and your support. I believe that you are always behind me. I hope that you give me another chance to enter the Bigg Boss house again and entertain you. Your vote can change our fate. They create new history and write new chapters. I believe that your vote will make me win and move forward. Whether it is my success or failure, it is always yours. I respect your decision. ” said Nuthan Naidu in a statement.

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