Bigg Boss couple Dhadi Balaji and Nithya comes up with another controversy

Former Bigg Boss Tamil contestants Dhadi Balaji and his wife Nithya are in news for yet another controversy. Nitya has filed a case on Balaji the other day accusing him of harassing her by coming home in a drunk state. Madhavaram police are currently investigating the case.

Dhadi Balaji and Nithya
Dhadi Balaji and Nithya

If we get into the story, both Balaji and Nitya got married a few years back. Balaji is a renowned comedian and TV anchor in Tamil industry. The couple also has a child. Over time, disturbances arose between the couple and they decided to get separated. Thus, they have filed for divorce in the court.

Nitya in her statement said that while the divorce case is still pending at the court, Balaji is often visiting her house and has been harassing her as well as their daughter. She said that on the 21st of last month, Balaji has broken into her house and tried to handle her and even threatened to kill her.

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