Bhojpuri Actor Pawan Singh Attacked By Stones

Going by the reports from Bhojpuri film industry, the popular singer and actor Pawan Singh was attacked by some unknown persons last night. While Pawan Singh is traveling in the car along with few others, some unknown persons attacked the car with stones and bricks. The unexpected attack left Pawan Singh and others in big shock. The security guards reacted immediately and protected Pawan Singh.

Pawan Singh Attacked
Pawan Singh Attacked

Pawan Singh later spoke to the media about the attack. “We are artists. We do not have caste and regional feelings. We belong to everyone. Everyone belongs to us. We do not want to blame people. The love and blessings of the fans is the biggest boon for us. Though the haters try to create obstacles, we still prefer to go and meet the fans and entertain them.” said the actor.

Pawan Singh is currently busy with the shoot of the film Boss.

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