Bharathi Raja sensational comments on Rajini

The Tamil identity politics are different from other Southern states. It is not easy for any national party to enter Tamil Nadu. National parties like Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party are struggling for a footing there.

Bharathi Raja- Rajini
Bharathi Raja- Rajini

In this context, when superstar Rajinikanth announced his intention of entering politics, there were few bouquets and many brickbats. While some of the politicians welcomed him, colleagues from his own industry are resorting to the worst kind of abuse.

While director Seemon recently rubbished Rajini’s comments that he was a pure Tamilian (Patch- Tamizhan), on Tuesday renowned director Bharathi Raja chose to attack the superstar. He took offense at Rajini harboring the dream of leading Tamilians though not being one.

His comments came when some film directors arranged a press conference to condemn the police for booking May 17 Movement founder Thirumurugan Gandhi and three associates under the Goonda’s Act after they violated the prohibitory order to gather at the Marina beach commemorating the Eelam War victims.

Raja, after attacking the police for detaining Thirumurugan, trained his guns towards Rajini saying that non-Tamils want to dominate the natives. His remarks were considered vulgar by many people. He said, “They say that we don’t have good leaders, hence they have to come and lead us. Let it be if we Tamils have no leadership, what are they going to do about it? If my wife has not conceived, who are you to come and father my child? You can ask for a share in anything, but, how can you demand a share in my bed?” Thundered Raja, while the others on the dais heard him in stunned silence.

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