Befikre Review – Ranveer, Vani, Paris and nothing else

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

A man who has directed just three films till date and all of them were starred the same lead and all the three were love stories filled with melodrama. Aditya Chopra has finally decided to break his own pattern in every possible way yet sticking to his favourite love genre.

a still from Befikre
a still from Befikre

The movie begins with a series of kisses in Paris followed by the introduction of the leads. The guy Dharam is an Indian who comes to Paris on a work purpose. The girl is Indian by blood but every other thing about her is Paris. There is nothing really deep about the story. At a high level it’s a just a boy meets girl followed by kiss, another kiss and another and so on. How much ever bold the film goes the film culminates in a way an Aditya Chopra has to.

Ranveer Singh is the life of the film. He gives a fantastic performance. It’s like showing his gratitude back to his Godfather Aditya Chopra who has introduced stardom to him. Right from the beginning to the end, he tried his very best to cover up the flaws wherever they were. Fortunately to complement him is Vani Kapoor who was more than superb with her ease. Except the rumored surgery which made her lose all her natural beauty, she was perfect in every other sense and gave a believability as the Befikar girl. The pair carries the film on their arms. Vani’s dancing skills are also appreciable.

The music of the film may not be in par with Chopras earlier film, but a couple of tracks work well. The movie has a lot of urban feel with kisses now and then. The cinematography and the other technical departments also seemed fine. The exotic locations were captured so beautifully. It gives a glimpse of the land of French, its people, their culture and the language. You almost feel like you are on a mini trip to Paris.

The biggest drawback is the clichéd plot and a boring second half. The first half of the film somehow manages to hold the attention with its humour. The second half tries hard to get the attention back but fails most of the time.

All in all Befikre is an average film which rides solely on the lead performances and nothing else.Yes, a free trip to Paris. Ok not free but 200 bucks.

Should you go to the theatre? Well, you can wait for it to premiere on SONY TV HD.

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