‘Beep Song’ Controversy: Another Hero to be arrested

The ‘Beep Song’ controversy is taking a new turn day by day. Already music director Anirudh and actor Simbu are in soup over the usage of cuss words against women in the song. Police cases are filed against the duo in the number of police stations across Tamil Nadu.

Simbu and Anirudh Beep Song
Simbu and Anirudh Beep Song

Already Coimbatore Police issued summons to Simbu and Anirudh and recently Simbu requested a month time to attend in-front of Police. Meanwhile, the actor is trying to get the bail.

Simbu has been saying from day one that he did not release the song on youtube, but someone else did it. Police are now enquiring in that angle and as per sources, they found out that first Anirudh sent the song to a noted hero, who sent it to his friends. As the song was catchy, one of the friends uploaded it on social media.

Police now plan to arrest this hero as well. Now the big question is that who is that hero.

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