Bangistan Movie Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Bangistan Movie review: A Snoozfest that didn’t bring Kranti

Karan Anshuman’s satire on terrorism is a long snoozefest that wouldn’t even let you sleep, reason being loud and packed with too many songs. The film’s trailer was promising, but the final product was thanda. What could have been a good satire, failed to impress. It didn’t bring any kranti.

Bangistan Movie Latest Poster
Bangistan Movie Latest Poster

Riteish Deshmukh and Pulkit Samrat seemed trapped in the plot and delivered meek performances. The film was stretched for no reason whatsoever. From the land of Bangistan, the film is filled with clichés from the word go.

The plot was bleak and had too many loose ends. It was all over the place, with no binding force. Those who at least hoped Riteish would add his midas touch, are in for disappointment. And Jacqueline fans, should rather watch the trailer than the whole film.

For more than two hours, you are trapped in a swarm of flying plot. That is unless you wish to walk out of the theatre. But those who want to wait till the end, more disappointment awaits them, as there is no wow ending. In fact, the climax scene is almost hard to believe.

Star Performances:

Honestly, a lot more is expected out of Riteish. But in a weak plot like Bangistan, there is no room for him to better in anyway. Comedy is his forte, but with this film, it just didn’t seem like. Performance wise there was nothing. After seeing his powerpacked films last year, this year began on a not-so-good note.

A Still From Bangistan
A Still From Bangistan

As for Pulkit Samrat, the man just acted loud. His character was on the same lines like Riteish’s but he just made it even louder with his expressions and dialogue delivery.

For Jacqueline, the film seemed like a commercial. She only has few minutes of screen-space and danced with the lead men in one song. Other than that, her role is like the story- minimalistic.

For others, short roles were carved out and they kept it simple. But then the storyline seemed so stretched that they didn’t get much to do.


The film had great potential. With a theme like that a lot could have shown in the long duration, but the makers concentrated more on the seen-before-heard-before mantra and several songs. There are seven songs that would let anyone catch a nap during the film.

The idea was nice, but things went wrong with the implementation. The screenplay was decent. There were no wow dialogues and in terms of comedy, you would barely smile in one or two scenes. The ending took Bollywoodism way too far. Even a bomb explosion, in their hands, only left scars on their faces, here and there. No serious damage done. Yes! I repeat a bomb in their hands!

Though a lot of effort goes into making a film, hence I have given the ratings such.

Watch or not:

I would say no. Watch it at home when it will soon be aired on television. After watching Bangistan, you would wish of staying home and watching the trailer only. At least that would have been short. Maybe an extended trailer would have done the trick and saved souls from watching the prolonged film. No more Kranti, only shanti, Please?!

Thumbs Up: Concept

Thumbs Down: Loose plot, loud acting, unnecessary songs

Yawns: Several


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