Baahubali Vs Robo 2

Robo that came in 2009 was a spectacular visionary film ever made in Indian Cinema. The film story revolves around a Robot and its love over Aishwarya, is made with many visual effects that were available till then.

This Shankar directorial Robo was made with a hefty budget of 120-150 Cr, no wonder as Super Star Rajnikanth was the only one who can be banked upon such huge money. The film turned out to be a massive hit in all language and many countries. With collecting over 500 Cr, Robo became the highest grosser in Indian Cinema. No one can ever forget the experience that Robo gave us.

2015: Baahubali-The Beginning was the film that entire country looked up to. With high visual effects and huge settings S.S. Rajamouli made people interest drew towards it. With its trailer getting released, expectations rose high as eagerness among the audience to watch this film expanded.

Baahubali is a story about two brothers who fought for the power of one kingdom. With terrific cinematography, soundtracks and mind blowing war scenes involved in it Baahubali satisfied every that had seen it.

Rajamouli, who directed the first part, is busy in filming the second part and has targeted to release Baahubali-The conclusion in 2016.

With over Rs 250cr involved in making, the film collected around 600 Cr and became the 2nd highest grosser in Indian Cinema after Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Baahubali vs Robo2
Baahubali vs Robo2

With these two regional cinemas (Robo- Tamil, Baahubali- Telugu) being dubbed in many languages, stood on the top list of Indian Cinema.

As Baahubali erased all previous records of Indian Cinema, people doubt whether any film can even come closer to this film. Much to their clarification, recently director Shankar has announced Robo 2.

This news made the audience raise their eyes as they still remember the magic of Enthiran (Robo). They are expecting something that they have never seen (either from Robo or Baahubali).

Shankar, who is planning to release Robo 2 in mid-2017, has silently started the ground work for this visual wonder. Star writer Jeya Mohan, who is influential, and contemporary writer of Kollywood has under currently started the script work in summer for the sequel.

With the final script of Robo 2 getting finalized, Shankar has approached top technicians and hired them for Robo 2. On 19th September, Robo 2 started its pre-production work officially.Rajinikanth will once again play the lead role (no doubt in it) as the talk has that Tamil Hero Vikram will be seen as the antagonist in this sequel.

The first look of Robo 2 will be released on December 12, noting Super Star Rajni Kanth’s birthday.

Rajni, who is currently shooting for Kabali, will join Robo 2 from January. A.R. Rahman will once again be scoring the music while Rathnavelu is once again expected to be the cinematographer for the sequel.

So, is Robo 2 the only film that can beat Baahubali and become the no.1 cinema in India?

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