Audiotape leak: YSRCP involvement in Sri Reddy casting couch issue

Sri Reddy’s Casting couch issue has been getting worse day by day. Recently, many facts came into limelight and now an audio tape between Sri Reddy and a transgender has been leaked.

Sri Reddy Audio Tapeleak
Sri Reddy Audio Tapeleak

However, some main points discussed are:

Sri Reddy says RGV spoiled entire cause by giving wrong advice. He asked me to demand 5 crores to Suresh Babu, however, I denied. RGV asked me to use M** word against Pawan Kalyan. Because of that one word entire movement spoiled.

Sri Reddy says YSRCP did a great sketch in all this (but they didn’t clearly reveal what sketch YSRCP did) We will not seek TDP support. TDP should come themselves and support us Mahaa Murthy bothered only about his TRP ratings and didn’t bother about me.

He has nothing against us but he only wanted his TRPs We will fight further in Delhi. Actress Madhavi Latha posting against me (Junior artist Tamanna). Social media is excited with the rumors on YSRCP supporting us and giving us money but no party gave anything to us.

I (Sri Reddy) am very very disheartened seeing our movement dissipating but will soon revive the fight. Don’t be in contact with anyone from YSRCP.

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