Atreya Award For Mahanati Writer

Acharya Atreya is one of the talented literary people in Telugu. He got name and fame for his works outside the films too. In Telugu film industry, he is an inspiration for many. He can write dialogues and songs in a way that they stay forever with the audiences. Justice Subhashan Reddy has started Acharya Atreya award and awarded Sai Madhav Burra for his exceptional work in the films.

Sai Madhav Burra
Sai Madhav Burra

Subhashan Reddy is happy to honor Atreya with the award. The award event took place on Wednesday and it was attended by a lot of people from the film industry. Bapiraju, Revathi, Sivaramakrishna, and Raghavachari crooned some of the hit songs of Atreya along with their teams. P Rama Krishna Gaud, Aakella Raghavendra, YSR Murthy and Y Rajendra Prasad have attended the event.

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