Another Postponement for Kabali?

Fans of superstar Rajinikanth are in for another huge blow as the release date of the matinee idol’s much-awaited film ‘Kabali’ might be postponed again.

Kabali Postponed
Kabali Postponed

‘Kabali’ was once targeting for April release but elections in Tamil Nadu was said to be the reason for the postponement then. Even since then, Kabali has been postponed several times by now. While the fans were hoping to catch the very first show on July 15, here comes the big blow.

Latest reports reveal that Kabali might be postponed again by another week, and the new release will be July 22. Once the censor process is done, the release date will be announced officially. The released posters, teasers, songs and trailer have already raised the bar of expectations to the sky.

Meanwhile, the ever-changing release date of ‘Kabali’ has become highly troublesome for other filmmakers to plan their films’ release dates.

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