Ambiguous Ending of Kabali

The biggest South Indian blockbuster film ‘Baahubali’ had left a huge suspense to the audiences, ‘why Kattappa Killed Baahubali’?

Rajini Kabali Ending
Rajini Kabali Ending

Now, superstar Rajinikanth’s latest film ‘Kabali’ has also left a similar confusion to audiences. The film released on July 22 across the globe, has received mixed reviews and response. Keeping it aside, the climax, where the fate of Kabali was ambiguously shown, is bothering the movie lovers who have already watched the film. Only the Gunshot sound was shown at the end, and it was not revealed if Kabali was killed or not. While few are expecting for a sequel, the others are denoting it as an anti-climax.

However, this confusion was not delivered to the Malaysian audiences. In their version, in the end, ‘Kabali surrendered to the Police’ card was shown to reveal the fate of Kabali. No one is sure why Indian audiences were left to scratch their heads with confusion?

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