Adorable Pic of Jr. Manchu – Avram Bhakta

Manchu Hero Shares one of the most adorable moments of his life. Vishnu Manchu and his wife Veronica Manchu were blessed with a baby boy months ago. The Manchus had organized the traditional ritual ‘Anna Prasana’ at their home yesterday.

Avram Bhakta Manchu
Avram Bhakta Manchu

The proud father of Avram Manchu took Twitter to express his happiness of his son’s choice of choosing pen in the traditional event. “6th day of the 6th month since Avram was born. ‘Anna Pràsana’ today and he chose a Pen among a sword/Book/Money/Mangoes! Wow! A Pen! Following in his mother’s footsteps”, Vishnu says by tagging his wife on Twitter. The picture features his son who is so cute.

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