Adah Sharma’s Kiss Story Goes Viral

Hot beauty Adah Sharma has finally made a Twitter outburst after three years of her making the Twitter debut. She finally responded to the accusations of being insulted for not being given a HARMLESS KISS.

Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma

“A kiss for me isn’t harmless! You say “what’s the big deal” well who are u to decide what deal is big and small for me?Deals aside,I want to choose who I exchange saliva with or whose cheeks/other parts I plant my lips on! Or who I want to make eye contact with too.(Male/female).

If a boy meets me for the first time and asks me for a KISS on whichever part of his anatomy, REPEATEDLY he would at most times get punched, slapped or kicked in his groin. If your penis is intact consider yourself lucky because my kicks are precise and lethal. I might expose my knees and elbows and OMG! I showed off my spine and my shoulders too! But that doesn’t mean I’m expected to have any physical contact with any human under complultion.

(Physical contact could even be handshakes btw.) Bhavana Reddy kissed in a public place in Commando2, Hayaati had a 1 hr 45 minute kiss in Heartattack but I’m Adah Sharma am NOT THEM!!!i’m happy my performances convince you that I am these people but the real me reacts,dresses,breathes,lives differently. P.s. I love boys, men and i have nothing against the male gender of all species.I have some wonderful men in my life my dad, grandad,friends,directors, actors I’ve worked with.This isn’t an anti men thing :)” she tweeted.

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