Actress Surekha Vani Husband Passed Away

Surekha Vani is undoubtedly one of the known faces in Telugu industry. She played as a character artist in so many films and also did anchoring on TV.

Surekha Vani Husband Passes Away
Surekha Vani Husband Passes Away

From the past few years, the actress has intentionally reduced her workload. Her husband, Suresh Teja has been ill from the past few months unfortunately, he passed away today due to health issues. Surekha and family is devastated with the death of Suresh Teja. He is also a TV director who made popular shows.

When Surekha was doing anchoring, she fell in love with Suresh Teja and married him. They have a daughter and Surekha posts pictures of them every now and then on social media. Fans and some of the celebs are expressing their deep condolences to Surekha’s family.

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