Actress Sends Husband To Jail

Going by the latest updates from Punjab films industry, we have come to know that the actress Bobby Darling has sent her husband Ramneek to jail. This incident came as a big shock to all her fans and instantly the attention of everyone turned towards her.

Bobby Darling and Ramneek Sharma
Bobby Darling and Ramneek Sharma

According to the information given by the media, Ramneek has been harassing Bobby Darling regarding the dowry and other issues. As per the complaint from the actress, the cops have registered a domestic violence case on the Ramneek one year back.

The Delhi cops finally arrested Ramneek on May 11th and the actress spoke to the media on the same. Bobby Darling revealed that she finally tasted the victory in the case and added that she filed a complaint because he used to beat her after coming home and used to harass her that she has relationships with other men. The cops are investigating the case and the complete details about the same will be out soon.

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