Actress Manju Savarkar involved in a dispute in the middle of the night

Malayalam actress Manju Savarkar is currently shooting for her upcoming movie in Nagercoil. She recently got involved in a heated argument with the hotel staff which has now become a hot topic.

Manju Savarkar
Manju Savarkar

As per the latest reports, the shooting is currently going on near Nagercoil. The actress is staying on in a hotel nearby. After shooting the actress arrived at the Hotel but found out that the room is still dirty. When tried to ask the same with the hotel staff the things got worse and the actress got into a heated exchange of words with the hotel staff. Someone reported the same to the police who have arrived and tried to solve the situation. The hotel staff are claiming that the actress has to pay the rent amount of 60000.

On the flip side, Manju Savarkar is stating that the hotel staff behaved rudely and even criticized her when she tried to ask about the dirty room.

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