Actress Hema and Rajasekhar Fires on Naresh in MAA Oath Ceremony

The disturbances started in MAA once again in the swearing-in ceremony today.Actor Naresh Panel won against Shivaji Raja Panel in recently held elections in MAA and today the elected people taking the Oath ceremony. In that event actor Rajasekhar angry on Naresh for his behavior. Actually Naresh used the word ME instead of MY Team in oath ceremony repeatedly, which was not liked by the actor Rajasekhar and he expressed his unhappiness for using word “ME”.

Hema Fires On Naresh
Hema Fires On Naresh

Actress Hema also getting ready to talk in that event and suddenly Naresh pulled mike from Hema. Hema was very upset with Naresh’s rude behavior. She also expressed her anger on him. Jeevitha, Rajasekhar, who was standing next to her, immediately gave her another mike. Actress Hema said that it was not good to snatch the mike and also made some allegations on Naresh.

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