Actress Geetika Tyagi Slapped Aamir Khan’s Director Video Goes Viral

The sexual harassment at the workplace is to be condemned and every woman in different walks of life is now openly coming forward to raise the voice against the same. Apparently, the latest buzz is that the #MeToo movement is trending big in India as well. A lot of people from the media and especially the film industry have already shared the stories and revealed the names of those who harassed them.

Actress Slapped Director Subhash
Actress Slapped Director Subhash

The latest news is about the Bollywood actress Geethika Tyagi who has opened up about the harassment from the director Subash Ghai. Geethika has opened up about the same in front of Subhash’s wife and out of emotional outburst, she even slapped Subhash Ghai.

On the other side, the director is behaving in a way that nothing has happened. Aamir Khan who was supposed to work with him now has decided to quit his project.

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