Actress Controversial Statements on Homosexuals

There are many discussions going on, on the laws related to the LGBT community in India. Controversial actress Mahika Sharma has extended her full support to the LGBT community, while her comments on Bollywood regarding the same, has become controversial.

Mahika Sharma in Bollywood
Mahika Sharma in Bollywood

In a shocking revelation, Mahika said that many popular superstars from the Indian entertainment industry “enjoy” with same-sex partners. She went further commenting that the same-sex relationships are better and comfortable. She bashed the ones who are against the LGBT communities and stated that rapists are treated better than the gay community, who are innocents. She even commented that Bollywood is being ruled by some great people, who belong to the LGBT community. “They are more creative, and they are wonderful humans. I don’t understand why they are being suppressed of their rights”, Mahika said. It is to be noted that Bollywood has got men like Karan Johar, despite being a homosexual, are being celebrated like any others.

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