Actor Dhanush says a big no to DNA test

Making the most out of the Supreme Court’s decision in several cases that DNA test could not be ordered as a matter of course, the counsel fighting the paternity case for Dhanush asked the justice not to order the actor to go through DNA test.

Actor Dhanush DNA Test
Actor Dhanush DNA Test

The old couple claiming to be Dhanush’s biological parents are demanding an amount of Rs. 65,000 per month as a maintenance amount from Dhanush. This really looks a big amount to ask, and the question arises, “Why the old couple kept quiet for so many years?’ There are no answers.

Both the parties involved are submitting certificates and other details which are contradictory, further increasing the ambiguity regarding the claims made by both the parties.

The justice reserved his judgment for a later date while Dhanush strongly said, “No” to undergo DNA test as it is a matter of his privacy as an individual.

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