Zero Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Zero
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast  Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma
Director Anand L. Rai
Music Director Ajay-Atul, Tanishk Bagchi
Production Company Gauri Khan
Release Date December 21, 2018

Anand L Rai from the very first movie has found his heart in the heartland of India. His zone remained in those local lanes and everytime he did with panache. Be it the Tanu weds Manu series or Ranjhanaa, his characters and world belonged to a very real rustic and relatable surrounding. First time, he got an opportunity to cast a big star and apparently he got carried away. The writer director due of Himanshu Sharma and Rai just couldn’t create the immensely possible magic with such a star cast and canvas.

SRK and Anushka in SRK
SRK and Anushka in SRK

Bauua Singh (SRK) is a vertically challenged witty person with a lot of confidence. His father played by Tigmanshu Dhulia is a rich merchant of the mohalla. Bauua is 38 and looking for a bride. He ends up meeting Afia (Anushka), an incredible scientist via matrimony. Bauua charms her with his dialoguebazi and their marriage gets arranged. Bauua however runs away and meets Babita Kumari, whom he is an ardent fan of. The rest of the film is about his story with Babita and the the rest of the love story with Afia.

To begin with, the film starts promisingly but you slowly start wondering whats the motive and point behind Bauuas desperation for Afia. Also, why would a person of Afias stature pay heed to someone like Bauua. Of course they reason it but the reasoning is pretentious. The much worse part comes later in the Babita Kumari phase and you wonder what did it actually contribute to. Yes, meeting Bauua makes her realize the self worth and also makes Bauua realize his mistake, but its so pale.None of the intended bangs give a high.

SRK in Zero
SRK in Zero

The movie that promised so much in the beginning falls down the steep like how and only picks up much later when it’s too late. The penultimate 30minutes has good content which was missing all the while. The film ends on a smiling and a hopeful note.

Performances wise, SRK makes an incredible act. He carries the film on his shoulders with his unmatched portarayal of Bauua. The character transformation is crystal clear and if we can sustain through the film, its purely due to Bauua. Its endearing to see him experiment with his heart and soul. Alas the writing couldn’t assist. Anushka Sharma was impressive and convincing too. Easily one can go overboard doing such a role but Mrs.Kohli was perfect. Katrina’s role is minor but she nails it too. Zeeshan gets a sidekick role but he made the most of what he could.

Except mere naam tu, the other songs are way too mediocre for an SRK film. The VFX is top notch and there is never a chance to point out any shoddy job.

All in all, the film deserved to be extra ordinary with such a concept and starcast and a highly talented director-writer. The film however suffers a poorly written script with uncanny coincidences and suspension of disbelief that doesn’t work.

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