YVS Chowdary to Direct Raj Tarun

After achieving hits like “Uyyala Jampalaa” and “Cinema Chupista Mama” hero Raj Tarun is quite anxious about his next release “Kumari 21F.” Sukumar produced Kumari 21F would be releasing on 20th of November. Meanwhile, Raj Tarun has accepted do another crazy project that will be directed by YVS Chowdary.

YVS Chowdary to direct Raj Tarun
YVS Chowdary to direct Raj Tarun

In the shooting of “Kumari 21F,” Y.V.S approached Raj Tarun with a fresh concept. Raj Tarun, who got excited after, listening to the story gave a nod to this youthful director.

Y.V.S, who gave youthful hits to some young heroes, will direct Raj Tarun in a fresh love story in his style.

If we look back, Chowdary, who gave hits like Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo, Yuvaraju, Seetayya and Devadasu, slowly faded away from the limelight after giving continues flops. Later on, he turned as a producer and made Ravi Teja-Gunashekar’s “Nippu” and “Rey”. With these two films becoming a nightmare to the audience, Chowdhary also became a flop producer.

While lots of bad luck wandering around him, many criticized that he should pack up and leave home.

With such situation surrounding him, Y.V.S took his next film as a prestigious one and is banking upon Raj Tarun. He is eagerly waiting to regain his lost charisma and shut the rumours.

Let’s hope that his film with Raj Tarun will become a hit and brings back the lost popularity.

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