YVS Chowdary complaint on Mohanbabu

Director YVS Chowdary whose last few films were very unsuccessful has filed a case against actor Mohan Babu.YVS Choudary was the director of Saleem ( Vishnu & Ileana) and the film was produced by Mohanbabu and Reliance jointly. As the final payment of that movie, Mohanbabu has issued a cheque worth Rs40 lakhs to YVS Chaoudary as part of director’s remuneration- But the cheque was dishonored in the bank on the reasons of insufficient funds.YVS has written a letter to Mohanbabu asking him to settle his amount Rs40 lakhs. But Mohanbabu ignored YVS’s letter. Then YVS went to Director’s association and complained on Mohanbabu. Director’s association has passed that complaint to Producer’s council.

However Mohan Babu has a different version to offer. The film’s initial budget was initially fixed at less than 10 crores. But YVS Chowdary has increased the budget to more than 25 crores even though the film can easily be made with budget less than 10 crores. Mohan Babu indirectly hints that the extra budget went into the pockets of YVS Chowdary.

We have to see, whether Producer’s council can come up with any answer for this complaint.

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