YRF Cheated Salman Khan?

If on one side we have producer claiming bloated collections for flop films, on the other side of the coin we have filmmakers who relegate their film’s collections for profit.

YRF Cheats Salman Khan
YRF Cheats Salman Khan

These days, Bollywood star heroes aren’t charging a particular amount as remuneration but insisting to go for profit sharing deals. Salman Khan is one such top star who has been minting money from profit sharing. For his latest release, ‘Sultan’, Salman Khan has signed for an 80-20 profit-sharing deal with the makers of the film, YashRaj Films banner.

Although the film has already crossed Rs300 crore net collections India, the reputed production house is allegedly showing low figure. Bollywood media reports and fans of Salman are accusing the production house of cheating Salman. The more the collections, the more the money has to be paid to Salman Khan as his share from profit, so the production house is playing the tricks.

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