Youth dies performing Baahubali stunt

It isn’t any new issue, as fans of their heroes imitate him and imagine themselves as a hero. Few fans do extreme, which sometimes results in the death of their own.

Baahubali” gained popularity across the globe for its stunts performed by Prabhas. The effects (graphics) that were seen in the film made the audience spellbound. The characters in the film have a larger than life image that has appealed to the audience.

A Stunt from Baahubali
A Stunt from Baahubali

Few scenes in the film were shot in an astonishing way that audience took the time to believe those were VFX Effects. Such a scene was Prabhas climbing the hill and jumping from one rock hill to the opposite one for Tammanah. Whistles and claps resound the theatres when he performs that stunt.

In a recent incident that occurred in Karimnagar, a youngster tried of performing the same stunt. Shabbir (23) along with friends visited the Singaram Waterfalls for a vacation. Waterfalls in Singaram reminded Shabbir the stunt from Baahubali. Without wasting any time he started performing those stunts. His friends warned him of danger, to which he didn’t afford to listen.

In the process of jumping, Shabbir lost the grip and fell. His friends rushed him to a local hospital where the doctors declared him dead as soon as he fell.

Fans must realize that stunts in films are made with safety precautions, and mustn’t attempt of imitating which sometimes results in death.

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