Young Villain wants to work with Prabhas

The latest sensational antagonist Thakur Anoop Singh has revealed an exciting thing about Bahubali Prabhas recently.

Thakur Anoop Singh
Thakur Anoop Singh

This young actor who has impressed in Singam-3 has given an interview for a top media channel. He said that he has found that South Indian Film Industries are so comfortable to work with and he is looking forward to acting in more films down South. He then declared that he is eagerly waiting to work with Bahubali Prabhas. When enquired, he revealed the reason. He said that he once met Prabhas in a situation and spellbound with his friendly and down to earth nature. He then became friends with Prabhas and wanted to act alongside hi. Apart from that, he said that he was impressed with Prabhas body in Bahubali.

This Young actor cum antagonist is actually a hero in Bollywood who acted in hit flick “ Commando”. The sequel “ Commando-2” is ready for release. He will be seen as the main antagonist in Puri’s Kannada flick “ Rogue” soon.

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