Young hero Uday Kiran in police custody

There are million talented young chaps, but only a few get lucky in this showbiz world. And privileged young talents need to prove themselves and shine but some simply take things for granted and end up with deviations. Young hero Nanduri Uday Kiran of Parare and Friends Book movies fame belongs here.

Young Actor Uday Kiran Arrested
Young Actor Uday Kiran Arrested

He has once again been taken into police custody on allegations of the nuisance. Uday was reportedly drunk and creating a nuisance in a star hotel in Hyderabad, and he was arrested by the police. Going into details, Uday went to Over The Moon pub in Daspalla hotel around 11.30 PM, and he asked the security guard to allow him into the pub.

The security guard did not allowed as the timings of the pub has already closed. An angry Uday, who was in drunken state, argued and fought with the security guards and moreover he broke the glasses of the pub. This young actor also hold a track record of being booked several times under charges of drug trafficking and even assault on a friend for apparently leaked about his drug abuse activities.

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