Young actress fails to make buzz despite scoring a hit

Finally, Tollywood, which is looking for a hit for the last three months, has got one in the form of Majili. Starring Naga Chaitanya and Samantha as the lead roles, this film has been received well by the audience and is having a very good run at the box office across all the centres.

Divyamsha Kaushik
Divyamsha Kaushik

But, one lady, who also played the role of another heroine in the film, failed to get enough credit. She is none other than Divyansha Kaushik. The newcomer was seen in the entire first half as the love interest of Chaitanya. In fact, she has almost the same runtime as Samantha.

But everyone is praising Samantha and is forgetting Divyansha, who also did a great job despite being a debutante. Thus, the actress failed to get the credit for her performance in the film even though the film was a big hit. Hope she gets interesting offers in the near future.

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