Young actor Manoj Nandam’s car damaged due to heavy rains

A ten-foot-high compound wall of the Regional Telecom Training Centre (RTTC) collapsed onto the Urdu University Road, damaging five cars, some of which were in motion, on Monday. The incident took place in the by-lane adjacent to the Outer Ring Road.

Manoj Nandam Car Damaged
Manoj Nandam Car Damaged

The old compound wall, which was made of mud and stone, collapsed at around 9 pm when heavy rains loosened its foundation. Among the vehicles damaged was the car of Telugu film actor Manoj Nandam.

Manoj said, “I was at Cafe Coffee Day on the opposite side of the road, along with a few friends. I was just about to cross the road and get into my car when I heard a loud sound. I saw that the entire wall had collapsed onto my car.”

His car was completely damaged in this incident. However, Manoj took to Twitter to share he had a miraculous escape. He posted, “Due to the heavy rainfall the wall fell down on few cars and my car is one among them??. Luckily no one is there inside in any of the cars. Stay safe my lovely ppl.”

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