Young actor arrested in heroine’s death case

A special police team of South Division arrested Vikram Chatterjee in a sudden midnight raid in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Young actor arrested in heroine's death case
Young actor arrested in heroine’s death case

It is heard that he has been absconding and trying to hide facts leading to his arrest. However, this was after police added the stringent culpable homicide not amounting to murder case against the actor for allegedly driving in a reckless manner leading to the death of model Sonika Singh Chauhan in the last week of April.

Various forensic reports along with the mechanical report had suggested Vikram was driving at a very high-speed before the accident. This has led Vikram’s friends to wonder if cops were trying to divert attention from real issues by carrying out this surprise arrest.

Ever since Sonika’s death, there has been pressure on police from both sides for a fair probe with commissioner Rajeev Kumar himself monitoring the probe and asking his officers to be neutral.

Vikram’s anticipatory bail plea hearing was scheduled to be heard at Kolkata HC on July 12 or 13.

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