Why this young actor apologizes to Laxmi Raai?

Young Tamil actor Lingesh has revealed that he apologized to hottie Laxmi Raai.

Well, here is the full story. Lingesh played the role of antagonist in Laxmi Raai’s latest Tamil film ‘Sowkar Pettai’ (Siva Ganga in Telugu). During the shooting of an action sequence, Lingesh had to get physical with Laxmi Raai. The actors took four retakes to finish that scene.

Lingesh Raai Laxmi
Lingesh Raai Laxmi

Lingesh was very scared that Laxmi Raai would have hurt, so he went near her to apologize. However, Laxmi was quite sportive, and she consoled him by saying that it was all part of acting and no need to worry. Lingesh was very much relieved and impressed with the hottie.

The film also has Srikanth and Suman playing key roles. Lingesh played the role of Suman’s son in the film.

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