You Know Baahubali Prabhas But You Don’t Know About Baahubali Pan Masala

Businessmen of this generation are not shying away from using any kind of publicity to sell their products.

One of such strategies is using the popularity of blockbuster films to sell products. In the recent times, we have seen the names of many hit films being used to sell products. Prabhas’s blockbuster success ‘Baahubali’ stands tall in this arena.

Baahubali Pan Masala
Baahubali Pan Masala

Many toys, chips packets, merchandise etc were sold in the name of Baahubali. Now, Baahubali’s name is being used to sell a pan masala brand. Yes, Baahubali pan masala packets are already into market and makers hope that the craze of the film will help them to attract youngsters.

We have to see what kind of phenomena the second part of Baahubali will create after it releases worldwide on April 14, 2017.

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