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The movie is just an extension of mother sentiment from Prabhas’ earlier flick “Chatrapati” to this present one “Yogi”. Heavy dose of this sentiment has dumped the entertainment factor and mass elements in the lurch, sparing only a big disappointment to the audience. Moreover, the much-sought-after VV Vinayak style of direction is clearly missing.
Eswar Prasad called Yogi (Prabhas) is the doting son of Santhamma (Oorvasi Sarada). And they live in a village. Due to the much possessiveness and love of his mother, the youth lives a sort of carefree life without any seriousness towards reality. One bad day, the head of the family, the hero’s dad dies after prolonged illness. The hero leaves for Hyderabad without giving any information to his mother. After much waiting, the helpless mother too reaches city in search of his son.
Meanwhile, Prasad, who comes to be called as Yogi by people around him becomes their savior as he fights out the injustices done to them by the local goons led by (Kota Srinvasa Rao) and his henchman Saidulu (Subba Raju). Finding himself busy with the goons, he also encounters a journalism student (Nayanatara). Caught amidst love, social duty and strong attachment towards his mom, what is the path set for the hero – it forms the crux of the story.
Prabhas did an excellent job in his characterization smeared with sentiment and action. With his well-built physic and specially groomed hairdo, he looks impressive on the screen. Though there is not much maturity in the dance sequences, he performed neatly in the stunts. Nayantara has clearly shed some weight compared to her previous flicks. But for glamour factor, she has really very little or nothing to do with the story. Sarada, who appeared after a long time in Stalin as Mother comes not as a big factor in this movie – as she played the routine role of sentimental mother. The comedy track is good, but most of the scenes are lifted from the Tamil flicks, lacking any connectivity to the movie. However, the comedians have rendered a nice job. The much used and over used comedy track involving the Chandramukhi backdrop is once again used – with Venu Madhav sporting Rajnikanth.Villainy by Kota and Subba Raju is adequate
Technical Values
The story is directly taken from the Kannada hit movie “Jogi”. In this season of sentiments in Tollywood, this overdosed mother sentiment has come out as a major disappointment. Screenplay is not in tune with the expectations about a VV Vinayak film. The first half is smooth without much happening. But it is only the climax that you can expect some action scenes with punch. Direction by VV Vinayak disappoints much.Music by Ramana Gogula is good. Background score by Kannada music star Gurukiron is impressive. The songs too come as some relief amidst the monotonous sentiments.Comedy is a saving grace, but its over all effect is not satisfactory.Graphic works and cinematography is good.Major plus point is the item song of Mumaith Khan’s ‘Orori Yogi” with impressive choreography.Production values are nice.
The movie is opened to a weak talk. Heavy, yet routine mother sentiment have bogged down the mass effect.
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