Yoga Teachers Vs Sex Scandals

When it comes to sex, even the most saintly can sometimes get tempted to make a sin. So now, there have been reports from a few who didn’t want to disclose their names that few of the yoga teachers are taking advantage of their status and trying to get into lewd acts.

Apparently, some of these teachers are said to be coming up with ideas like special sessions and private sessions. As part of this, they are believed to be suggesting special asanas and at the same time, trying to indulge into some sexual activities or take advantage of the situation.

Incidentally, such things tend to happen at the massage centers and there have been many tales of people getting involved physically there but this one is causing a bit of concern. The talk is that this would really create a bad impression on something holistic like yoga.

Some male yoga teachers are coming to houses to teach yoga for family ladies customized in the name of ‘house sitters’. That is also ending up in other ‘illegal affair flames’ in some parts of the city those may see light sooner.

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