Ishq Boy.. Yo Yo Honey Singh !

No one is an overnight star.  A star is made after many sleepless nights.  Today’s singing sensation of India Yo Yo Honey Singh started his journey almost a decade back. He was well-known in the Punjab pubs but only In the last two years, his popularity has grown exponentially in the country.
We bring you a list of his chart busters in the recent years.

Break Up Party

This song is based on the post break-up feelings and frustration of the guy on his girl. The lyrics have some really funny lines venting out the anger.  However, whatever is the context, a bunch of hot models and their slow-motion dances are mandatory of all his videos.


Blue Eyes

This was another chartbuster from Mr Singh with starts with “Blue eyes, hypnotise teri kardi a mennu,I swear! Chhoti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu”. With such a catchy lyrics and simple beats, the song became an instant with the young crowd of the nation.


Sunny Sunny

With a beach party theme, Yo Yo came up with another crazy song loved by the teenagers especially.  The song Sunny Sunny had the two-piece bikini girls dancing to insane lines like ‘Blue hai Pani’.  This number from Yaariyan helped to an extent in bringing some crowds. The perfect party song!



Though Yo Yo Honey Singh contributed only the rap part of the song, it took the number to a next level gaining double the popularity. ABCD is a must-have in the DJ’s box today. He has become the property for the music companies too.

Party with Bhootnath

He has become a brand to an extent where the movie’s success is banking on his promotional songs. The biggest of the biggest superstars are shaking a leg with him.  Recently Mr. Bachchan and Yo Yo featured in the promotional song of Bhootnath Returns.


Angreji Beat

This is one of the songs which played a vital role in making him popular nation-wide. A part of this song was used in Cocktail and that’s what brought him to the limelight in B-town.  The Angreji beat has found a permanent place on the dance floors.


Brown Rang

Yo Yo Honey Singh’s tryst with colours is not new.  However this particular song stands apart for indirectly appreciating the beautiful skin colour that Asians from the subcontinent have. With all the pressure for women to be fair, this one comes as a special number.


Party All Night

Though Boss was a disaster at the box-office, it had one thing to boast about. It was the superhot song from Yo yo- Party All Night!  He is giving umpteen hits continuously as though he as literally owned the songs that fall in the party zone!


Lungi Dance

The most played song on all occasions throughout India and abroad in the year 2013! The song which was written by Yo Yo himself as a tribute to Thalivar Rajnikanth became a huge chartbuster and can easily be regarded as one of the biggest hits Bollywood has produced.


Chaar bottle Vodka

The junta is so much in love with Yo Yo’s songs that when his promotional song is played during the end credits, the audience is not exiting the halls. Chaar Bottle Vodka is a promotional song for the recent horrex Ragini MMS2 starring Sunny Leone, and the song has become viral.


Yo Yo , now is the highest paid musician in Bollywood charging a bomb for every song he comes in.  The pop star’s popularity seems to have no bounds that the makers aren’t hesitating to reserve a significant chunk of their budget for a ‘Yo Yo Honey Singha’ line in their songs.  Though he is surrounded by criticism and controversies, nothing has stopped him from achieving success one after the other.

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