Yevadu Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

What happens when you order a Jumbo pack biryani and get only half of it? Same is the case with Yevadu. The movie entertains partly and bores you partly.

The movie had good performance from actors Sai Kumar, Kota, Shaskank and L.B. Sriram. Wonder what Brahamanandam and Vennela Kishore are doing in the movie. They are totally wasted in the roles. A movie like this genre should have enough entertainment to keep audience sit in theatres but failed to entertain.

Coming to Ram Charan he improved in his performance especially he excelled in interval block, introduction scene and scenes with Sai Kumar. His dance in songs Freedom, pimple-dimple is amazing. Allu Arjun could provide the required feel in the movie and so Kajal. His cameo is definitely plus in the movie. Amy Jackson is used to fill the first half with her glamour. Shruti role was short and was limited only to songs. The movie was just one man show.

Jayasudha performance is top class and will pull family audience to theatres. Devi Sri Prasad music and background score are plus points to movie and so Ram Prasad camera work needs special mention. The movie looked colorful on screen.

Story by Vakkantham Vamsi got inspired from many movies like Face Off, Chatrapathi, and Mass. Dialogues by Ravi was average. Producer Dil Raju spent money lavishly and the production values are great. Raju is losing grip on good stories. The fight sequences are good, especially rain fight in the second half.

Finally talking about director Vamsi Paidipally was successful in creating interest in the first fifteen minutes of the movie lost it completely in later part. The interval will take your expectations to high and drop down in the second half. Climax was disappointing and so regular Telugu movie second half. The movie will attract masses and fans for sure but other audience might feel the movie boring and dragging.

Final Verdict on Yevadu Review:

Two different stories: one interesting other boring overall an above average grosser.

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