Yevadu – Live Updates


Yevadu first half

Theater watched: Rave motion pictures, Indianapolis. United States.
1:35pm:  movie started
1:40 pm: Rahul Dev, Ajay and kajal entrance.
1:42 pm: bunny entrance
1:45pm: first fight in the movie
1:50 pm: unexpected twist in the tale. Enter jayasudha.
1:55 pm: Enter Ram Charan
1: 58 pm: first song cheliya shot beautifully
2:01 pm: Brahmi enters
2:05 pm: Amy Jackson enters
2:15 pm: film progressing smoothly
2:25 pm: Second song oye oye with Amy
2:46pm: third song item song ayyo papam
2:56pm: more twists in the tale enter subbaraju, Kota and sai kumar
3:00 pm: Interval


Yevadu Second half
3:06pm: Freedom song Charan just rocked the song.
3:13pm: Enter Shruthi hasan, vennela Kishore and shasank
3:25pm: Nee jataga song comes up. Camera work by ram prasad is top class.
3:35pm: Sai kumar once again proved he is best.
3:37:  rain fight. superbly shot.
3:50: movie becoming routine and slightly boring.
3:56pm: last song pimple dimple. good choreography
4:03pm: Bunny and cherry on screen story is getting interesting
4:15pm: Climax fight.

final synopsis: Yevvadu 3.5/5. Two different stories one interesting and other dragging overall entertaining.

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